Former L’abbatoire Employee Shares Her Ghostly Experiences

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2 responses

  1. Chris says:

    My wife and I were at the 210 Carroll street Irish heather last night, and the empty chair at our table slid forward hitting our table pretty hard. we both witnessed this happen. Spooky feeling.
    I wonder if anyone else has had an experience at this location.

    • Greg Mansfield says:

      Hi Chris:
      Thanks for sharing this experience. You’re the first person to tell me about anything strange going on at the Irish Heather’s current location, across the street from where they used to be located in Gaoler’s Mews. That must have been quite a shock for you and your wife! That whole area of Gastown is a hot spot for ghostly goings-on, so it wouldn’t surprise me that the Irish Heather still harbours a spirit or two. I’ll have to follow up with the owner or people who work there sometime to ask about it. Did you tell any of the staff members about your experience or ask them about such things when you were there?

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