UBC’s Ghostly Hitchhiker

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  1. Michael Horan says:

    Actually, she’s been known to frequent 16th Ave (not UBC Boulevard; she doesn’t golf). On a rainy, early Nov night in 1983, I picked up a disheveled, srtingy-haired girl, who was soaked through her clothing. Not wanting her to think that I was a weirdo, I assured her that she was safe, that I would help get her down to Dunbar St. She slowly entered my Austin Mini, and seemed distressed, discombobulated, and very much detached from … happiness, really. I asked her where she was going (as I began driving thorugh the heavy rain eastward toward Dunbar St) and she said nothing, as if she hadn’t heard me. She was sitting askew from me almost facing the passenger-side window, and appeared to have in her hand a piece of paper, but I though nothing of it. As I neared Queen Elizabeth Elementary school, resplendent in all its pink glory, she asked me to stop the car. ‘Wow, she speaks,’ I though to myself. I pulled over, she opened the door and exited. I never did get a look at her face, but did notice how soaking wet she was. The piece of paper she held in her hand went with her, as did any of my further concern as to who she was or what she was doing. I was tired, and pissed that I missed Magnum PI earlier, so I thought nothing of it. Later in life, I began to learn that this singular “me only” experience was shared by many. So, … ya.

    • Hi Mike,

      Thanks for your story. While it’s surprising and a little spooky that the hitchhiker didn’t say much to you, we can’t say there was anything paranormal about what happened. I mean, unless she suddenly vanished in front of your eyes or something, you simply gave a cold, soaking wet (and therefore miserable) young woman a ride on a rainy night. It was a kind thing to do on your part. And while she seems to have been unfriendly and ungrateful, there was nothing ghostly about her. As such, I’m still not convinced the ghostly hitchhiker of UBC is anything other than an urban myth.

      Thanks again for your post 🙂


      PS – You had an Austin Mini, huh? Cool. They were crazy-fun to drive!

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