Center for Inquiry’s Skepticism and the Old Spaghetti Factory

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3 responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    wow you really know your paranormal! thanks for the refreshing (and informed) take on ghosts- Dean from Edmonton

  2. James Tyson says:

    It is my belief that the fellow seen by some in uniform on the trolley is more residual energy than spirit energy. The difference being that his “spirit” has moved on to where ever you believe they go. Residual energy is what was created of time during times of great stress or repetition. An example of residual energy appearing has happened in the fields of Belgium for 100 years. Those soldiers of WW1 are seen by farmers coming up out off the ground and then fading away. Like they are on a never ending loop. These would have been those with a natural high vibration/energy who were filled with fear and adrenaline. The may have died that day or lived on to old age passing back home. These similar apparitions can be seen of other battlefields such as Gettysburg where a well know film has a “ghost” moving from one tree to another. The image repeats over and over.

    The primary reason that the good Dr. Nickell doesn’t see or hear spirits is that he is not at a vibration that permits him. He could raise his own vibration through meditation but I doubt he would be the type of person to do this. Those people who do see spirit energies will not have seen their first one in their 40’s in this restaurant. They would have been seeing or feeling such energies for years.

    • Greg Mansfield says:

      Thanks for your comments, James. I don’t profess to know for sure but I tend to agree with you that the apparition of the fellow in the trolley car is a residual-energy haunting. The ghost of the little boy, Edward, however, is an entity, as he moves objects and interacts with the living.

      As for Dr. Nickell, yes he’d probably scoff at the idea of raising his vibrational energies. But that’s okay. We’re all entitled to our perspectives, and I respect his.


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