B.C.’s 10 Most Haunted Places

Back in January, a Vancouver-based journalist and author, Bethany Lindsay, approached me to contribute to a book of lists that she and her husband were drafting. She asked me to submit a list of B.C.’s 10 most haunted places. I was happy to help.

And now I’m pleased to announce that their new book, Everything British Columbia: The Ultimate Book of Lists, has just been published. The publisher kindly sent me a courtesy copy, which I received a few days ago.

My list – Greg Mansfield’s List of B.C.’s 10 Most Haunted Places – appears on pages 138 and 139.

It’s a terrific book. Sure, you could say I’m a bit biased because I contributed to it (but no, I wasn’t paid). And also because I’m a trivia and history nerd. I really do think the book’s great, though, because it’s full of fun and interesting facts about B.C.’s geography, history, flora and fauna, personalities, food and drink, and more.

The authors placed my list of haunted places in a section devoted to the paranormal, which also features UFO*BC’s 10 Most Compelling Close Encounters and Thomas Sewid’s List of 8 Facts About B.C.’s Rich Sasquatch History. These subjects are right up any paranormal enthusiast’s dark alley.

Can you guess what locations I included in the list of B.C.’s most haunted places?

Five of them are in the Lower Mainland, three are in Victoria, and two are in the interior. I put Victoria’s Empress Hotel in at #10. If you want to know the rest, you’ll have to check out the book!

Everything British Columbia: The Ultimate Book of Lists is available in bookstores and online (chapters.indigo.ca, amazon.ca). With the Holidays just a few months away, it’s going to make a great stocking-stuffer!

Everything British Columbia: The Ultimate Book of Lists

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